Body and mind and their interconnection embodied in a free movement…that is dance for me.

When we manage to connect our body and mind, to be in the present moment and to listen, then dance becomes a movement meditation, the image of the soul and the instrument for refreshment and cherishing.  When the body and the mind are in different places and time, then dance becomes only a mechanical repetition of movement. Thus it does not give us freedom for our body or mind but on the contrary consolidates rigidity, frustration and stupor of our body and mind.

In our movement/dance classes we try to look for the key for our bodies. We try to look for it, get hold of it and then embody it through movement. When we are able to do that through our bodies then we can set in motion or silence our mind and enjoy the freedom in movement and thinking.

“Body is like sand and mind is like wind. When you want to know how the wind blows, look at the sand.” This is a thought of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, who is a movement innovator and a founder of a movement therapy Body Mind Centering (BMC).  She has been influencing dance and movement therapies, sports rehabilitation and therapies working with disabled children and adults for over fifty years. BMC has become the basis for our somatic work as it keeps surprising us, influencing us and fulfilling us.