- - - RESERVE YOUR 2020 RESIDENCY NOW on - - - v lese ( in a forest) is a residential, dance and art space.  It is located on a farm and thus it provides a quiet and supportive settings for dance, theater and performing arts residencies. Residencies can last anywhere from one week to three months.

A beautiful sunny attic studio, kitchen, dining / living room, workshop (wood, metal), accommodation and a patio.

All these facilities are located on the farm. As for the cooking, we choose from local or regional products, when possible we cook from our own harvested fruits and vegetables and therefore the meals are in season. We provide a wide breadth of menu options, both vegetarian and meat dishes.  Food allergies and specialty diets can always be accommodated, including vegan, gluten-free and other preferences.


attic studio:

attic hip-roof space, square shape 8mx8m, height 5m, insulated floor (wooden grid with Styrofoam plates), polished OSB boards, dance floor on the top, basic light and audio equipment, dark blue theater velvet curtains


    • on the farm, capacity: 12 people ( attic rooms,  2 to 6 people)
    • detached house in a garden, fully furnished, capacity: 4 people, in the same village 5minutes from the farm


From a residency in our space: